Monday, September 28, 2009

Underwear Entrepenuers/ the DMV and other tid bits

So what happens on the first day of your new life is important right?? Well, if you consider going to the DMV important, then you need a new hobby my friend. Don't get me wrong, the DMV is important in its own right, but mostly it is a total joke, a mockery of all that is sacred in humanity, and spending a few hours there reminded me of how amazingly boring it is to do a job that you hate because you feel stuck. I'm so glad I'm not one of them. I am something completely different. I am officially an "Underwear Entrepenuer" as just coined by my best friend Bill. He asked me, "How is it to wake up and do some work in your boxers?!" I replied, "Great! I got to work from my cozy bed this morning and loved every minute of it!" I guess I became part of a new club of sorts with my decision to leave my employer of almost 10 years and make it on my own. I didn't spend the whole day in my underwear of course, because that would be downright lazy, and I had my doubts as to whether or not the employees and patrons at motor vehicles would appreciate such an act. However, after people watching for three hours, I figure I wouldn't have even gotten an extra look! ha ha. I think the DMV ranks a close second for mutant human sightings... the flea market being number one! Nothing beats the flea market, but there is something about the DMV that says SWEAT PANTS and WIFE BEATERS. Almost everyone was in sweats and wife beaters! Have we become this lazy people or do most people get a work-out in directly after the DMV?? Ha ha. Anyway, I bought the car, had some lunch and got back into my boxers for some more work! Hunkering down in the high winds and rain here in my hometown! Hope you are well! Jeremy

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