Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Weather? Good Thoughts!!

Ahhhhhh..... rain! Wet, cold, blowing sideways type rain! This is the stuff that gets people down. The kind that makes people ill. The kind that Guns & Roses writes, or should I correctly say wrote, epic ballads about. The kind that gets people complaining about "how awful the weather is". Not me. When the sh*t hits the fan weather wise, I think good thoughts! Supposedly we humans are 98% water. I generally don't make it down the shower drain in the morning, but I still believe it. Rain is water....water is life! It cleanses and replenishes the earth. It is good for us! Waterfalls! Swimming! Ok, so I could probably swim at the end of my street right now, and that probably isn't good, but I can think about swimming in a big pool, or the lake, or the ocean! Oh, how I love the ocean, especially in the tropics. Just cool enough to refresh your sun scorched body, but warm enough to swim, snorkel, and surf all day long! Catching my drift here? We have the power to control our thoughts. Our thoughts control our destiny. I firmly believe that the greatest power in the world is INTENT. If you intend it to be and focus your energy and thoughts on whatever it is you desire, and that desire is good, the universe will conspire to get it for you! What is it that your heart seeks most?..... Until next time, have a wonderful and pleasant sleep!


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  1. Hey buddy!!
    Here's wishing you the very best in your 'new & free' life! Since you are havin' fun in the rains, I won't sing 'Rain, rain, go 'way. Come again, another day. li'l Jeremy wants to play!', 'coz looks like you're already playin' the crazy game called life, & having fun, to boot!
    Love & hugs from the equally crazy Indians! :-D