Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Dream!

We need dreams. You and I need to be always dreaming of something. If you aren't dreaming, then you probably aren't living well. Dreams are the product of your soul; your deepest desires shining through! They help you to realize who you are and why the heck you are on this planet in the first place. I often feel bad for the many people on this planet who don't get enough to eat or drink in a day, or who live in environments that completely squelch their collective and individual dreams. I sometimes ponder on how lucky I am to have been born into an environment that welcomed and nourished dreams and creativity. Both of my parents were avid teachers of creativity. As children, we always wrote and sang and drew. Most times the only things we needed to fulfill our dreams was a pencil and some paper! I remember writing stories at a very young age and being encouraged to let my thoughts run wild! Thanks Mom and Dad! Einstein even said that, "Imagination is more important than education". I think he realized the power of creativity and the happiness that it brings to the human condition. So if you feel like you lost your dream, your "essence" as my good buddy Brad would say, then I challenge you to take a good look at what you are doing everyday and what is important to your life! If nothing else, spend some time each day doing something you really enjoy, something that engages your creative mind. From there, you will find your dreams! For me it could be a number of things. I sometimes sit down and write (like I'm doing now), or listen to or create music. Sometimes I get my body out doing something different, trying a new sport or walking through a new place. Many times I lay on my back on the floor or in my bed and just drift away in my thoughts. I have many dreams that I am excited about and will share more of in this blog over time! I love to travel as many of you know, and much of my current dreams are wrapped around mobility and learning. I love to see a new place, meet new faces and experience new things. I am doing more of it lately and will be doing much more of it really soon! I hope you are dreaming, loving and living well today!


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