Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Uncle Robin.

My Uncle Robin was an amazing man. He never asked more from the world than it was willing to give. He always gave more than he was asked, and he always thought of others first. He was creative in writing and art. He loved to have a great time and I can't tell you how audibly his voice and laugh still ring in my head. He was a wonderful uncle to his nieces and nephews, father to my cousins, brother to my father and his siblings, son to my grandparents, and friend to all. He passed overnight in his sleep at age 48, July 4th weekend while we were on vacation in New Hampshire with family. It was meant to be that way. I love and miss him all the time. I cherish his presence in my life always. I pray that you all cherish your family and friends.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Dream!

We need dreams. You and I need to be always dreaming of something. If you aren't dreaming, then you probably aren't living well. Dreams are the product of your soul; your deepest desires shining through! They help you to realize who you are and why the heck you are on this planet in the first place. I often feel bad for the many people on this planet who don't get enough to eat or drink in a day, or who live in environments that completely squelch their collective and individual dreams. I sometimes ponder on how lucky I am to have been born into an environment that welcomed and nourished dreams and creativity. Both of my parents were avid teachers of creativity. As children, we always wrote and sang and drew. Most times the only things we needed to fulfill our dreams was a pencil and some paper! I remember writing stories at a very young age and being encouraged to let my thoughts run wild! Thanks Mom and Dad! Einstein even said that, "Imagination is more important than education". I think he realized the power of creativity and the happiness that it brings to the human condition. So if you feel like you lost your dream, your "essence" as my good buddy Brad would say, then I challenge you to take a good look at what you are doing everyday and what is important to your life! If nothing else, spend some time each day doing something you really enjoy, something that engages your creative mind. From there, you will find your dreams! For me it could be a number of things. I sometimes sit down and write (like I'm doing now), or listen to or create music. Sometimes I get my body out doing something different, trying a new sport or walking through a new place. Many times I lay on my back on the floor or in my bed and just drift away in my thoughts. I have many dreams that I am excited about and will share more of in this blog over time! I love to travel as many of you know, and much of my current dreams are wrapped around mobility and learning. I love to see a new place, meet new faces and experience new things. I am doing more of it lately and will be doing much more of it really soon! I hope you are dreaming, loving and living well today!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Weather? Good Thoughts!!

Ahhhhhh..... rain! Wet, cold, blowing sideways type rain! This is the stuff that gets people down. The kind that makes people ill. The kind that Guns & Roses writes, or should I correctly say wrote, epic ballads about. The kind that gets people complaining about "how awful the weather is". Not me. When the sh*t hits the fan weather wise, I think good thoughts! Supposedly we humans are 98% water. I generally don't make it down the shower drain in the morning, but I still believe it. Rain is water....water is life! It cleanses and replenishes the earth. It is good for us! Waterfalls! Swimming! Ok, so I could probably swim at the end of my street right now, and that probably isn't good, but I can think about swimming in a big pool, or the lake, or the ocean! Oh, how I love the ocean, especially in the tropics. Just cool enough to refresh your sun scorched body, but warm enough to swim, snorkel, and surf all day long! Catching my drift here? We have the power to control our thoughts. Our thoughts control our destiny. I firmly believe that the greatest power in the world is INTENT. If you intend it to be and focus your energy and thoughts on whatever it is you desire, and that desire is good, the universe will conspire to get it for you! What is it that your heart seeks most?..... Until next time, have a wonderful and pleasant sleep!


Underwear Entrepenuers/ the DMV and other tid bits

So what happens on the first day of your new life is important right?? Well, if you consider going to the DMV important, then you need a new hobby my friend. Don't get me wrong, the DMV is important in its own right, but mostly it is a total joke, a mockery of all that is sacred in humanity, and spending a few hours there reminded me of how amazingly boring it is to do a job that you hate because you feel stuck. I'm so glad I'm not one of them. I am something completely different. I am officially an "Underwear Entrepenuer" as just coined by my best friend Bill. He asked me, "How is it to wake up and do some work in your boxers?!" I replied, "Great! I got to work from my cozy bed this morning and loved every minute of it!" I guess I became part of a new club of sorts with my decision to leave my employer of almost 10 years and make it on my own. I didn't spend the whole day in my underwear of course, because that would be downright lazy, and I had my doubts as to whether or not the employees and patrons at motor vehicles would appreciate such an act. However, after people watching for three hours, I figure I wouldn't have even gotten an extra look! ha ha. I think the DMV ranks a close second for mutant human sightings... the flea market being number one! Nothing beats the flea market, but there is something about the DMV that says SWEAT PANTS and WIFE BEATERS. Almost everyone was in sweats and wife beaters! Have we become this lazy people or do most people get a work-out in directly after the DMV?? Ha ha. Anyway, I bought the car, had some lunch and got back into my boxers for some more work! Hunkering down in the high winds and rain here in my hometown! Hope you are well! Jeremy

About me and my crazy lucky life!

The easiest way for me to describe myself is crazy lucky! I mean, don't get me wrong, I work hard and do whatever I can to make my position in life favorable, but often times stuff just falls into my lap like manna from heaven! The stars align, the angels sing, my spider senses perk up and away we go on some crazy adventure or another! I'm a firm believer in the laws of attraction even though they don't always work or happen the way the gurus describe them in the self help books. You certainly can go far in this world with a please, thank you, and a smile if you are sincere and I definitely do not lack in that department. I must say thus far, most of my experiences have been like a retarded fairy tale... most times incredible with a few moments of me drooling on myself in between! Anyway, I suppose I will treat this blog like a journal and my life.. sometimes clear, concise, and focused, other times random, happen-stance and wild! I hope you enjoy and maybe even get a chuckle out of my stories and adventures, and when I stick my foot in my mouth, which I often do, you may even get a lesson!

As of today, I am 30 years young, single and happy as hell because it is my first day of self employment! Yes, I took the plunge during the worst economic time of this century, but hey...NO RISK, NO REWARD! Not only did I quit my job, which by the way was usually earning me a 6 figure salary, I am buying a car this morning! What an idiot I must be!!! It will be an act of financial fitness for the next few months, but I have lived on peanut butter and jelly before and I'm really stoked about my professional skateboard company called B.Lo Skateboards! We are taking over the world of skate and fashion! Check out the site B.Lo Skateboards and buy something damn it!!!! ha ha. I need the support! Peanut Butter and Jelly is expensive... ha ha. So that's my shameless self promotion of the day and the avenue by which I hope to earn my income while traveling and rabble rousing. I'm planning on getting myself into all sorts of fun situations now that Im not a 9 to 5 office slave! So, my dear friends and readers... I must go find insurance for my vehicle and I must sign off for now! Stay tuned for more of my crazyluckylife!!!! I may trademark that.... ha ha. Have a great and prosperous day!