Friday, March 2, 2012

Ready or Not Here We Come!

Long time no blog!

I'm lying at the edge of my bed, crinkling my toes against the cool sheets, and thinking of the way those same toes are going to feel in some warm sand in less than 24 hours. My dear friend Lisa and I will be venturing off on a much beloved road trip to the southern states. Florida and the keys being our final destination, but we have no particular plan as to how we are going to get there and when. We do know there is a huge storm brewing in the Ohio Valley and straight down through the states we normally travel through when we take route 75, so we will be avoiding that area of the country tonight and skirting the eastern seaboard instead. I don't know about you, but the thought of some 200mph wind whipping me up like mayonnaise when I'm trying to have a relaxing drive to a vacation destination sounds incredibly counterproductive.

Here's to a hot coffee, some great music loaded on the ipod, good conversation and laughs, and a sporadic trip with a couple of beach bums at the helm..... Stay tuned as I have no idea where this trip will take us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just felt like it....

I really feel like writing today. I was searching my brain for something interesting to talk about and all I could come up with was old travel stories. There are some good ones in that old brain of mine that I need to put down someday, but today is not that day. I don't want to force I'm just going to write about anything I think of right now... ok, so the first thing on my mind is my roommate situation. My brother, who has been living with me for about a year, is moving down the street with his girlfriend. When I say moving down the street, I really mean 5 houses away, on my street. No I didn't kick him out!!! I know what you were all thinking. I love my brother very much and he would be welcome to live with me anytime. He's actually a great roommate. The reason he's moving out is because his girlfriend is pregnant and they are going to start a family together. She has a few big dogs and could only find an apartment on the East Side of the city in a pretty rough neighborhood, so Ben was able to work a deal out to rent the house in the middle of the street. The previous tenants had big dogs. I should know, because they almost ate me alive one winter morning two years ago. I popped on my iPod and winter garb for a brisk walk in the snow that fine morning. It was probably February. I made it about thirty steps out of my home and into the street when these three giant dogs surrounded me and started attacking me. I'm not afraid of dogs, but they were clearly on a mission to kill something that morning. Managing to keep my urine and excrement inside my body, I used my big winter boots as weapons while screaming for my cousin Tom. "Tom!!!! Tooommmmm!!!! They're trying to kill me!!! Grab a bat or something!!!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs as the dogs tried to lunge me from all sides. Fuck. After a few minutes, their owners came out of the house that my brother is going to rent and called them off. My heart was pounding. Tom was busy inside loading a shotgun. That could have ended poorly. I hope my brother's girlfriend's dogs are friendly, because I don't have Tom to yell to anymore. I suppose I could yell to Rachael, who is going to be replacing Ben as my roommate, but she doesn't have a gun. Rachael will kick some ass if provoked, and she doesn't take shit from people but I don't know her animal taming skills yet. She is an amazing baker. I think she may come over today and start moving some of her stuff in. I suggested we bake some bread. I have the ultimate kitchen, she has the ultimate baking gear and skills. Could be dangerous for my waistline.

Ben is home now. I think he's cooking....well it sounds like he's chopping vegetables up. He just turned on the hood above the burners. I am using auditory deduction right now to assume he is cooking. I will confirm this with olfactory stimulation as soon as the aromas make their way upstairs to my room. I'm lying on my belly in my bed typing this. This is usually where I write, though it's clearly not ergonomically correct. I will have to stretch out pretty good once I finish this post. Then I'll go eat some of whatever ben is cooking... if he makes enough.

I wanted to go snowboarding this weekend, but the weather is really cold for the next few days. It hurts to breathe outside. I haven't minded being home most of this winter, because I've been working on a bunch of projects and spending my free time snowboarding, otherwise I'd much rather be in Puerto Rico or Hawaii with my warm weather friends! I think I will skip the slopes this weekend. I don't mind the teens or twenties in Fahrenheit, but it has been single digit and negative temperatures the past few days. Brrrr.... What are you guys up to? Anything fun? Sick of me rambling yet? ha ha. I'm going to go downstairs and sample my brother's cooking. Coffee would be good too...... Hit me up! Jeremy

Monday, December 20, 2010

Important People.... A poem

Important people dash off to exciting parties
They "how do you do? - and- "did you hear about so and so?"
Talking AT eachother, calculating... always calculating.
Response is everything you know.... Image as well.

Important people make the best decisions.
You know... the ones all the other important people made ahead of them.
This house is the right purchase.....this vehicle shows our buying power.
They must build equity.... Weath as well.

We see important people on television each day
They laugh at so and so for her choice in sexual partners
They always care about who is fucking who... it makes the news.
The news is important.... Fucking as well.

Important people have to fuck like the rest of us, they mostly fuck each other
Fucking important partners guarantees they will make more important little people.
You know... the ones they cart off to soccer and practice and the mall on Saturday
The mall is important.... Practice as well.

I never was an important person though I did visit their world for a while
I got pretty bored, pretty fast.
Important people are boring, mostly because they all act the same.
Being the same is not important to me... and I hate being bored as well.

I wonder if they even realize the treadmill they run upon
These important people have so much paperwork and things to do.
I always hated paperwork... especially in their world.
I do enjoy fucking however..... Fucking is important... even to the unimportant.

The End.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to make a random day Amazing!

The elder statesmen are dropping their loose change on the table, gloves are tightening, faces smiling, pens dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's". The rules are given a once over by the emcee just prior to the bell ringing to signify the start of the tournament. The happy, retired golfers joke around as they gather their belongings and race off to hole one in their state of the art golf carts. Mike and I are sitting in close proximity near the clubhouse enjoying the amenities which include free wifi, a really great hot tub, a heated pool, a fantastic patio with shuffle board and horse shoes.... and SUN! Oh, did I mention there is a sweet 9 hole course in the community as well? These old folks know how to live! We are clacking away on our computers, lining up places to stay in the Caribbean through We have had the conversation about how ironic it is that both of us, near 30 years of age, have a semi-retired lifestyle. I make my bread and butter with my online business and Mike works seasonal jobs managing night clubs and selling Christmas trees. Mike is super "consolidated", as he likes to call it, carrying what he would need to live for years on his back. I have a home in Buffalo that my brother is watching and living in as I bounce back and forth around the planet, but have purged most of my unnecessary possessions and expenses, making almost everyday a great adventure.

Yesterday we got the tour of Leesburg with cousin Tom. Mike also convinced him to clean up his hair cut, which lead to a near riot in the salon at the local mall. We had the hair dressers laughing practically to tears as we joked about turning the old hippie into an oil tycoon. My haircut made me look like Uncle Kracker....which was later confirmed by the cover band we saw at a local bar when the lead singer came up and asked... "Dude... are you Uncle Kracker?" I smiled and politely let him down.

The afternoon hours were spent learning how to golf with Tom walking us through the basics so we could get a swing down. I whacked a few balls into the gator pond before finally keeping my head down and putting it on the green. Michael explained his lack of golf skills in a way the hit home with me, "Golf is a game of mental patience... and I don't have any." After playing the same two holes 3 or four times we called it quits and got ready to head out into town for the Annual Chili Cookoff!

It turns out Mike has friends that live in Leesburg and are practically one of the oldest and most politically connected families in town. Enter "T"... T is a big ole Florida boy with a rampant penchant for "bromance". This son of a real estate magnate was strutting his drunken stuff with a 10 gallon cowboy hat and rosy red cheeks that screamed of light beer consumption. The minute he saw Mike he was screaming "Bicycle! Mr. Bicycle!! I love you man!!" and hugging him like he was a war hero. I'm very fond of Mike, so I figured maybe this guy really is too, but as the night progressed I watched him over-hug nearly everyone he ran into. This is how T rolls when he's drunk. This dude was the life of the party and definitely the right hook up for the night. We got free food and beer, a tour of his parents Opera House that the family bought and renovated in the center of town. While in this amazing 120 year old mammoth of a building we were escorted to a lavish back apartment where his parents and their friends were partying. Ernest Hemingway? Nope. T's dad. T's dad has won so many Hemingway look alike contests that the government of Spain set him up on a totally expense free trip to tour their country to honor him during one of their festivals. The whole family centered around this calm, cool patriarch who was clearly a man of intelligence and means. The party moved to the local bar, which was packed with 400 or so happy locals all swinging, laughing and drinking to the funniest cover band ever. At first, I kept thinking I was in a bad filming sequel of Spinal Tap, but they.... like Tap (in character at least) were serious about the music. They shredded through the worst Nickelback Top 40 crap and were on the verge of making me pull my hair out. But then a shift... a total phase shift happened. Perhaps I was just getting buzzed enough from the alcohol. Perhaps the cover band owned their tunes so much that they roped me in. Maybe the bleach blonde, fake boob, 40yr old plus crowd of Florida Cougars dancing on the floor in front of me enticed enough of my young male spirit.... that... a smile cracked my face and I began finding myself sliding ever closer to the middle of the floor. Eventually Tom and Mike joined me...noticing the lack of males in the slithering crowd of over eager female dancers. We owned that floor, and eventually the band. I typed in the numbers 867 5309 into my phone and kept flashing the members while they sang "Jenny I got your number...." They were laughing so hard they could barely finish the tune. It was so much fun. Cousin Tom remarked, "Isn't it amazing that no matter where we go, we always have a good time and end up owning the room?!" I couldn't agree more. The adventurous spirit of this trio is infectious!

We are going to hit some laps in the pool now and enjoy the rest of the day. Hope you are enjoying your day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Spontaneous Adventure Begins!

"Dude! How the hell are ya'll!" Mike said in his southern accent as he swung open the door to his town house in an upscale neighborhood in Atlanta and wrapped his bare, burly upper body around Tom and myself in a happy greeting. He was shaved bald and smiling from ear to ear. He had packed all he needed for a tropical adventure, but had somehow not yet put on a t-shirt. I mention that he was shaved bald, because the last time I had seen him he was on his epic bicycle adventure across the lower 48 states and he had a long, blonde, curly mane that made him look like Jesus. While he isn't the "Lord and Saviour" re-incarnate, he certainly has a big strong free spirit and a lust for life and adventure that makes everyone around him love him instantly. Mike and I became fast friends...nay brothers last year when a short stay turned into a 10 day fun fest that spanned a couple Northeast states. We had way too much in common to not form a life long bond, and yesterday morning was a sort of re-joining of the forces. Tom and I had just spent the whole night driving the deserted I 75 South to reach our formidable friend early in the morning and continue on the Leesburg Florida, where Tom is now living.

This adventure had spontaneity written all over it from the start. About a week ago, Tom, who had been working in Buffalo for the past few months, came home and said, "Hey man, we ought to go to Puerto Rico with Mary and Colleen on the 10th of November." "I'm in!" I said without hesitation, knowing that Mary was going on the trip on account of all of my recommendations of the island. She also wants to meet Lucy and the children. She has been very sick for the past year, so I knew this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us to really enjoy a vacation together while she is feeling good. Mary owns a fabulous restaurant downtown and has been a dear friend for a few years. I met her like I meet everyone I spend any time was an instant, serendipitous connection. She came over to my table and started rubbing my shoulders and telling me that I must have a "charmed life" and "an old soul" and that I was soooo cute, like a sweet son... to her. Needless to say I became a great customer and a dear friend over time... Mary has tons of friends and customers who love her for this very charm. Not to mention the food at her restaurant is to die for!

This put the wheels in motion. I checked my schedule for November, made some adjustments to free up time, and picked up the phone to call Lucy in Puerto Rico and make sure we could come stay with her. "Of course! We can't wait to see you again!" was her reply. "We will get your house ready!" I hang up the phone and it rings again.... Mike.... "Dude, I need something to do... I am stagnant down here in Atlanta and I just quit my job a month ago. I"m gonna go into hibernation mode of I don't get the heck outta here" "Wanna go to Florida and then Puerto Rico?" I asked. "When do we leave?" "We'll pick you up in a few days... I'm ordering your plane ticket now." "Awesome! I'm so excited!" It was that easy, Mike was going on this adventure. He requested that we just buy one-way tickets in case one or all of us decided to just stay in the Caribbean for a while. Now the goosebumps were building up my arm. I told Tom the good news and he shared my excitement!

We got into Leesburg last night and the fun began. Hot tub, pool, golf carts. The luxury life in Tom's new "retired" community has been super sweet so far! Plus you can't beat the weather. It has been a bit seasonably cool at 67 F with a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. We made steaks on the grill last night. I cooked a salmon and eggs breakfast. Mike and I talked about tons of awesome adventure ideas while swimming in the pool, including one that would involve us leaving and living for one year just walking around the continental US, following the seasons. Today we helped Tom clean up the house and get things organized. Everything is just flowing so sweetly.... the way it should be. There's sure to be some great stories from the three of us.... keep your eyes peeled!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The band is back together man!!!

Hey peeps!

I just wanted to update you on a cool happening in my crazy lucky life. My old band Sweatin' Like Nixon is putting on a top notch performance this Saturday, the 23rd, in Buffalo at Nietzche's (248 Allen Street) around 10pm. It's going to be a fantastic show with all of your favorite... or least favorite characters in the band ripping it up on stage. It has been an interesting experience for me hanging with the guys again and rehearsing after a nearly 3 year hiatus. We are older and more mature, but our silly and campy nature still comes flying out during our time together. For instance, Sam still puts Tall Jay's microphone like 10 feet in the air before he shows up for a practice and it is funny to him every time. Danny still runs around the room frantically and talks too loudly into his mic when he's explaining new parts of songs. Sam eggs me on about the size of my head ( I'm known as "Fat Head" in the band) and usually him and I rip into a Rolling Stones cover at some random point to piss off the rest of the band. Then Jay and Dan jump in with the guilt trip.... " I'm not doing this... this is why we can't be serious.... etc". By the end of rehearsal we are all smiles and ready to rock.

This show will feature a full horn section for part of the concert and is going to be a rock and roll experience that will entertain the masses. Hope to see you there if you can make it! I will even buy you a beer if that is your fancy! :)

Hope you are having a great October!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Blessing of Sickness....

Being sick is never fun. I don't care what your illness may be, there is nothing worse than not feeling your best in life. Good mental and physical health are paramount to good living. Good living is where it's at. These are all very obvious statements I know, but I'm driving the point for good reason. Very often we take our health for granted and expect that it will just always be there... I know I do at least. We pass our days, eating, drinking, working, tending to our families and livelihoods without ever thinking about our precious mortality and the limited time we will spend in these vehicles we call our bodies. Our amazing bodies, working with trillions of cells and processes, electrical energy, and symbiotic microbe relationships... keep humming along and functioning whether we like it or not. They work through all the shit that we put them through and all the shit we put into them. They do their best to regenerate and continue life function, all without barely a conscious thought from us. Incredible. In fact, the only reason I'm able to write these ideas right now is because my body is taking care of itself without needing me to maintain a constant survival mentality or tell it what to do every moment of my life. It is the same reason you are able to read these words. Think about it.

Illness changes the dynamic doesn't it? When we are ill we are suddenly more aware of our bodies, of our mortality, and our time. It is often our fault and often not. It can come gradually from repeated abuse, or suddenly and unfortunately in the form of accidents and mishaps. Either way, it is not pleasant when we are experiencing it and many times the after affects can be felt for years... sometimes for the rest of our lives. Here's the flip... the other side of the coin.... the silver lining in the cloud.... the blessing.

Being sick reminds you that you are a living entity... a mortal.....that will someday be gone from this life. It reminds you of how precious your moments in life really are and what they are really worth. It can awaken new revelations in purpose and dreams and re-energize parts of your spirit that were hidden or bogged down by all of the crap we put on top of it. Time becomes glaringly aware when you realize you only have so much of it to live.

Recently I experienced a pretty serious case of food poisoning.... a few straight days of not being able to eat anything solid and barely keeping even base liquids like water down. I lost 10lbs in two days and endured severe pain and suffering. I am actually still not healed yet. However, in the throes of my battle I was blessed over and over again.... increased body awareness, increased sense of self, increased sense of love and concern from friends and family, and an acute awareness of time in my body were great positives I walked away with. I also had an intensified sense of smell, taste, and touch. Everything smells sooooo good to me, especially food! I can't wait to get a bite of something delicious and nutritious tomorrow! Being sick has been a total blessing when I look at the lessons and experiences that have coincided with it!

Do yourself a favor and don't wait until you are sick (like I do) to give your body the respect and care it deserves. When you wake up in the morning, listen to your heart beat for a few minutes. Listen to the steady rhythm of precious blood pumping through your veins. Imagine your cells working, reproducing, regenerating by the millions every second... to give you another day on this planet. You are an amazing feat of nature, represented uniquely, in a one of a kind expression of LIFE! Make the best of it! Hope you all have a great, healthy, body-aware day. Jeremy

P.S. What should my first solid meal be??? I'm so excited! Any suggestions?