Monday, October 5, 2009

Sprints for fat people!

No, they aren't having a half off sale at the Hostess factory! I'm talking about this fat guy right here! I have been slowly regaining my physical prowess through a daily repertoire of swimming, exercising and diet, but my diet mostly still sucks except for the fact that I don't eat at night anymore. This alone has allowed me to shed weight the past few weeks with non strenuous exercise. However, I have decided that "getting back into shape" isn't quite good enough for me because I am naturally athletic and I can cheat my way through losing 20 lbs pretty simply by adjusting my diet alone. This is what I always do. Problem is, it always comes back because I don't have a goal to keep me in shape. Well, this year all of that has changed! I've recently linked up with a long distance marathon runner who is training for a triathlon next year. He is my coach. He is also 60 years old and has been an endurance athlete all of his life. He's looking to shed some excess baggage and reverse a slight health condition through training for a triathlon (or at least triathlon level fitness, since we haven't picked one to race in yet). We spent the first month in the pool, adjusting and fine tuning our mediocre swimming techniques. Now we are running. Today was our first day. I ran 10, 110 yard sprints in a pair of two year old sneakers that have seen their day, some cargo shorts, and a hoodie! My counterpart showed up in new high tech running shoes, running shorts, running pants, running jacket, energy drink, and ointment for his legs.... and I forgot to bring water... what a dork I felt like. But alas, despite being close to 100lbs heavier than my coach and having no prior formal running training, I was able to outrun the bastard in pure raw speed! Well... enough pure, raw speed to beat a 60 year old... and only by a few seconds! This guy is intense! I kept waiting for him to shed his costume and expose the giant "S" on his chest. Needless to say, I am a hurting puppy dog tonight, but I can't wait to do it again Thursday! Hope you are having a healthy, happy, "pain free" evening! Jeremy

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