Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rain Forest in Puerto Rico

"El Yunque", as the natives of the island call it, is where my second home and a big portion of my heart is! It is a fine, fine piece of Mother Earth and I am lucky enough to have a little casita smack dab in the middle of the jungle. It is a place of immense beauty, health and growth. Picture tall old growth trees with vines and epiphytes wrapped around them, beautiful flowers, orchids, and plants of every variety. Breathe the fine air that is thick with oxygen and moisture from the frequent rains and scented from the various fruit trees and plants that abide within. The temperature is tropical and warm, but the elevation and shade cover keeps us 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the island. It is very comfortable 65 or 70 degrees F and it is like stepping into a mini tropical heaven. There are no poisonous snakes or insects, and no large predatory animals. Of course you have the occasional mosquito and there are also the dreaded legends of the Chupacabra (a mythical jungle beast), but most of the other denizens are reptilian and amphibious by nature, and quite beautiful! One of my favorite are the tiny little tree frogs known as Coqui (ko-kee). They get their name from the famous whistle that sounds exactly the way it is spelled. They are found in many spots on the island in wet forest areas, but nowhere as plentiful as El Yunque. They flourish here by the millions and sing their lovely song all night long, making the jungle their joyous amphitheater. The first night I ever slept in the forest the sound kept me up most of the night. It wasn't annoying or uncomfortable in any way, just so completely different than anything I had ever heard, and beautiful to the ears that I couldn't stop listening. After that first night, it became a sound that comforted like no other and I quickly understood why the island had made this little critter its beloved mascot. I will be heading down for the winter shortly after Thanksgiving and will be living there until at least spring time. I will be working on a big project down there to help sustain an orphanage, plus handling my business with B.Lo via cell phone and internet. It is a dream come true and I sincerely welcome any interested parties to come down for a visit anytime. It is an experience you will never forget! Hope you are enjoying life today! If you are in the colder climates like myself, I hope the thought of the beautiful, warm forest will warm your heart and soul! Jeremy


  1. With that article you can run a B&B in PR! ;-)

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