Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My friend Brad....

My friend Brad is a crazy bastard! He works hard at everything he does. He is the most considerate person I have ever met... and he'll tell you, almost to a fault. He always makes sure everyone around him is having a good time and is comfortable. He loves to travel and get into new situations and he LOVES photography. I highly emphasize the LOVE there! The man always has a camera around his neck and is shooting candid shots of everything and everyone. It's so funny because the rest of us always bitch about him taking so many pictures, but when we sit down for dinner a few months after a trip, we practically get a play by play of what we did every day and everyone is drooling over the fine pictures he has taken. Brad has a great eye for design and aesthetic. He's almost gay about it... ha ha. Sorry Brad, but you know it's true! This man has more than once, made houses I've lived in look fabulous with very little money and supplies. He is an amazing landscaper and party planner, and I say this because I've worked for him on many occasions when he needed an extra hand. Letters pour into his mailbox after weddings and events that he has planned just gleaming with compliments on his attention to detail and elegance. Brad is a great friend and traveling compadre. We have spent many awesome moments together in many incredible locations around the world. Some of my best memories are the times we spent wading in the water at the beach just conversing about everything and anything. Anyone who knows Brad, knows the man loves to talk! Sometimes you have to pull the battery out of his back to shut him down, but mostly you don't, because he has a lot of interesting things to talk about! Brad knows something about everything and if you put him and I on a trivial pursuit team, we have never been beaten!!! Brad Zacek is kind and loving to all living things and has cared for thousands of animals in his lifetime. Birds, dogs, rabbits, and reptiles top the list. He has been caring for his elder grandmother and living with her for almost 10 years now as well, another example of putting others first. He loves adventure and is not afraid to do things that he knows he may not be physically ready for. Most times he jumps right in! Let him tell you about the crazy shit I have talked him into alone...(mention some of the hikes for extra laughs). Brad will never let a friend down and has many close friends who love him, myself included. My whole circle of friends and family have taken him in as family...that's what happens with him almost everywhere he goes! Brad is compassionate, trustworthy, caring, fair, humorous, empathetic, sympathetic, non egotistical, super creative, and whole. He is an amazing human being and I'm glad to call him my friend and brother! I hope you have some amazing friends in your lives and that you cherish them! Have a great day! Jeremy

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