Sunday, March 28, 2010

Me, June and Steph.

My wonderful neighbor and darling cousin are fast asleep. It is 11pm. Relaxed is a term often used, but under-powered for its ability to describe the state we are in. We have spent the past few days on the west side of the island, enjoying much conversation and very simple activities, mostly going to the beach, finding places to eat and drink, and keeping ourselves from cooking in the hot tropical sun. The jokes and insults have been flying to fill the occasional space. How we have laughed! June's infamous "tittie slap", employed to disengage her nerves about my driving a few days ago has been a fan favorite indeed... my right nipple doesn't find it so funny though. I also made a comment about our previous lodging in which my bed had fitted sheets that didn't quite cover the whole mattress. In a slightly drunken state I went on and on about the "daisy duke sheets, short short sheet... etc." that had the girls chuckling through the night. Then today I successfully leaped across the room and onto my cousin as she was sitting at the edge of her bed to perform a "Jimmy Superfly Snuka" type maneuver. June ran for her camera and asked us to do it again, but Stephanie, being the smart one in the family, ducked out of the way and left me to my own demise on the bed. Like I said, we are having way too much fun!

We are staying at the Villa Cofresi in Ricon, named after a very famous and well loved pirate that once haunted these same waters, and the accommodations are excellent. It is a great condo-style room with a spacious kitchen and bathroom and all the amenities one looks for in a hotel. We are right next to the ocean, and a short walk to some nice restaurants, grocery stores, and local bakeries. This is vacationing 101. I have been looking forward to spending this week with them, and they have not disappointed! We will be traveling much of tomorrow back to the rain forest and then we are spending their last night on the island in a hotel in Old San Juan. I am leaving a week later. More to come on that! Hope you are all sleeping peacefully...if not, get your ass to bed or you will turn into a night owl!

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