Thursday, March 18, 2010

The world needs a hug....

Take yourself out of the whirling, twirling, rat race once in a while and a few things become self evident. The frantic pace at which folks live their lives is frightening to say the least. I know. I've been on top of the racing wheel more than once. The hustle and bustle is the status quo, whether or not it is leading to true results, or better yet... happiness. Are people happier now? Most that I've spoken to will say no, despite having almost infinite options.

Do you really need to answer that phone call while taking your order at a restaurant; or worse yet while eating with friends? Can you talk to your child and enter their world for an hour? The world of joy, play, creativity and make believe? If you answered yes, is it spontaneous or do you have to "pencil it in" your calendar? When is the last time you talked to your inner child? He's probably sitting in a corner waiting for you to have some fun!

Do you see your face in the mirror every morning asking how much more you can take? Is coffee keeping you alive and working? Are you working towards something useful or fulfilling? Are you driving with the legions of people on the so called "successful route"? I bet you are stuck in traffic.

After a few months of really slowing down, almost to a crawl, I have come to the conclusion that the world needs a big hug! Not a religious saviour, definitely not more money or stuff... we only need each other. Most of our insecurities and fears are unwarranted and just a product of a machine that can only survive on our consumption of "stuff". We are made to feel insecure and inadequate on purpose so that the "next great thing" can sweep into our lives and deliver much needed a price of course! How many of these "next great things" are thrown out or broken, or forgotten within a year? How many within a month? I know it has been said a thousand ways and more than a thousand times, but having eliminated most of the "stuff" of my life, I am far more clear in mind and spirit, and far happier.

So, my challenge to you is to try to slow down a bit, and help somebody else slow down as well. Don't throw out your useful gadgets, or quit your job, (unless you want to!) ...but have some uninterrupted play soon! Take a month off and go somewhere new. An old sport could be revived. Maybe there's a friend you've been meaning to see or a loved one you haven't spent time with due to "obligations". Have them over for dinner and play some cards or board Turn the TV, computer, and cell phone off for a few hours and discover what it's like to socialize again. I am signing off to socialize with a great family right now! Have a great night all!

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