Monday, April 5, 2010

Coming home.... leaving home....

I'm reflecting tonight, hardcore. My itunes playlist is shuffling through its huge musical library as I try to articulate, in words, what the past four months has done for my life. Let me start by saying this, Puerto Rico is an amazing place. Amazing. It is hands down the best place I have ever been on this planet so far, and you need to come here and experience it if you have not already. Throw out the travel guides and preconceived notions and come here for the experience of a lifetime. San Juan is now my favorite city in the world... better than Honolulu, better than NYC or Toronto, better than my beloved Chicago, better than LA, and far better than my home city of Buffalo, as much as it pains me to say so. San Juan has seduced me with all of its charms and Puerto Rico has enslaved me with all of her enchantment. I'm in love.

I have been hugged by her rich sands, caressed by her clear blue seas, and kissed by her perfect waves. I have slept in her forests, wandered her coasts and interiors, and walked her many towns and cities. I have made friends I will never forget and have had countless experiences I could never describe well enough to give them justice. My life here has been exciting, refreshing, fulfilling, and relaxing all at the same time. I have learned hard lessons about myself and others. I have broken through limitations, many self imposed, some imposed by others. I have learned to communicate better, with and without words and I have become a better listener.

I have had the pleasure of making a great impact on the lives of others, and they in turn have made a great impact on mine. I have worked hard and played harder and it has payed dividends for my health and well being. I will return to my home in Buffalo happier, healthier, and stronger from my stay and I will eventually return to this island to live more permanently. This truly is the place for me. I'm flying out in two days, spending a long weekend in NYC, then hopping a train back to Buffalo. I'm looking forward to coming home, but like the title of this entry says I feel like I'm leaving home as well.

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