Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simple living.... and Yes on Youtube!

I have been alone for the past two days. I spent one day mostly in my house cleaning, reading, relaxing and just unwinding from the craziness in San Juan. I slept in the afternoon which really screwed me up because I ended up staying up half the night watching concert videos of Yes on Youtube. I'm known to do such things at home, but it was a totally different experience up here.

I hunkered down with a few rum punches, some oreo cookies, and put my headphones into my laptop so I wouldn't scare the children, or the rest of the mountain for that matter! I operate from a fairly weak satellite signal up here, so much of the time was spent waiting for the videos to load. However, when they were up and ready.... I was cranking, air drumming, and singing along in my best Jon Anderson falsetto! It was a total "Me" night for sure!

I woke up to the sound of the gate clanking open this morning on the small road next to my house. I was in desperate need of water and real food. It seems that oreos and rum aren't exactly the best thing for one's blood sugar and I was parched. I went into the kitchen and quickly realized I had used the last of my drinking water last night to make iced tea for my cocktails. I was also out of anything worth eating. Shit! I opened the valve on the sink already knowing what I would see, but hoping for a miracle none the same. Too brown to drink.

Time? What time is it? Ah... 10 am. I'm a little late waking up. I walked over to Lucy's house after a brief rinse with mouthwash and used my puppy dog eyes to score a half gallon of drinking water. That was all she could spare since she would not be grocery shopping until tomorrow. Tomorrow is my grocery shopping day as well, and the day when a bunch of my neighborhood friends are flying in for a week's holiday. Tomorrow water will not be an issue because I will have transportation! Joy is me! I was practically shaking to get some water in my system when Lucy said, "cafe?". Sure! What the hell! Let's do it. It's liquid at least.

I certainly did not share the circumstances of my predicament with my dear Lucy, and I was kind enough not to open the jug of water and just start sucking it down... though I wanted to... badly. I gulped down the rich black coffee and got ready to head back to my house. "Let me make you some eggs Jeremy", were the next magic set of words. "You don't have to Lucy.... really!" "No, no, sit. I make you eggs and toast." Sit I did while she cooked a perfect set of over medium poultry embryos! I shoved them greedily between my toast and almost had a food orgasm as the warm yolk busted in my mouth during the first bite. I didn't even notice that a good portion of it had squirted onto my favorite b.lo shirt. A slight hangover cured the good old fashioned American way... eggs, toast and coffee. Oh yeah.... you can guess what the next activity was going to be this morning.

Then it was off to work. The house below needed to be prepped for my guests and Isaiha was the best man for the job. He doesn't speak any english, and his spanish is so mumbled that the rest of the kids can barely understand him. He and I were in communication meltdown land. Not to worry, the boy knew what I needed with a few simple words in spanish and lots of hand gestures to show him what we were doing next. It got to a point where he was reading my mind, making beds and cleaning so well I thought he must have worked for a hotel.

Once we got the water pipe fixed and water flowing for the house, I made a discovery.... hot water! Hot freaking water for the shower in the little hut! Joy is me again! Oh how these simple discoveries were making my day pass so wonderfully! I was dreaming of testing it out tonight as I filled my mop bucket for another round of cleaning. We finished up and I headed back to the house to shower and relax...which is what I'm doing now. Dinner is in an hour at the main house! Lucy felt bad that I did all that work and didn't have a good meal so she invited me for dinner at five, which is the religious hour of dinner here at the house. I better get going before the kids get all the food... ha ha. Hope you are well and enjoying the simplicity of life!

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