Saturday, January 23, 2010

An old email I found today...

Hey folks! Here is an email I wrote last year whilst traveling in the Sandwich Isles! For those of you not historically inclined, that was one of the first anglo names given to the islands of Aloha, Hawaii. I had a fantastic experience there and I have found the paper journal from that trip that I will incorporate into the blog when I'm feeling lazy... kind of like tonight! Here is the email that I wrote to my former employer and co workers! Hope you enjoy! J.

"Hey CPG!

I'm a few weeks into this crazy trip and so much has happened already! I have been invited to the Honolulu Yacht Club for a luncheon and fallen into the Ala Wai ( Hawaii's most polluted and shark infested waters) while trying to kayak on a traditional outrigger kayak in the same day! I have seen plenty of whales, both in the water and on the beach (myself included). I have hiked one of the most treacherous sea cliff trails in the world... barefoot after my sandals broke in the mud! Yes, very dangerous and passersby believed I was doing it because I was native! Especially dangerous since I kept falling and I was only a foot away from my demise! All's well that ends well though! I have slaughtered a wild pig... supposed to go hunting tonight actually! I have eaten said pig once cooked in a giant Wok outside! I have slept in remote parts of islands in a tent that I was barely able to stretch out in...and have shared stories and beers with the hippies and homeless who live in the parks! I have witnessed some of the best sunsets to date, some of the freakiest tropical weather, and some of the biggest waves... no I have not gone surfing yet! It's shark season and I don't feel inclined to be mistaken for a seal... consider the blubber people.. ha ha. I should be deep sea fishing this Saturday if the weather holds out with some local friends which will provide close up opportunities with the humpback whales. They are everywhere! I have eaten fresh island fruits and avocados picked right from the trees, and quite a few local and ethnic foods as well! Brad... yes, Brad is here and documenting the whole adventure with his 1000x per second photo taking skills. He goes nowhere without it! Kind of annoying at times, but it has saved me from even bothering to bring my camera! It usually goes like this.... Jeremy does semi-crazy/ sometimes stupid activity.... Brad sits in safety photographing and calling Jeremy stupid... ha ha. Anyway, we are having a blast. My mom should be dropping goodies tomorrow that I shipped for you guys! I will be back to work Feb. 5th for two weeks, then I'm heading to PR for two weeks and will be back to work for good that first week of March! Kim has been keeping me up to date on everything.. and Jason too! Thanks so much guys! Miss you all and see you in a week and a half!!! Aloha, Jeremy"

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