Monday, January 25, 2010

Alien sighting in Puerto Rico.

In my commitment to being a total freak of nature and trouble maker in life, I have crossed over to the other side. The lighter side of the universe, that is. The unknown has heard my beckoning call and answered in resplendent beauty. It's a positively awesome X Files type experience and I have my flesh and blood, no nonsense grandmother's eye witness to back it up. Believe folks! BELIEVE!

Start the creepy background music pleeeeeeeaaaasssssseeeee!

Stardate: Wednesday January 20, 2010, approximately 2pm.

Gram and I met Carlos and his wife Erica in Coamo at the Burger King across from the Post Office. That is exactly where I told them to meet me in my broken Spanish, and they completed the task without fail. I learned this navigational trick many years back. Get to town center. Find well known fast food restaurant. Call and say, "Estamos aqui a (insert fast food chain)" and you will be picked up as soon as you can swallow your last drop of milkshake. We exchanged courtesies and stopped at the grocery store for some last minute supplies for the evening's meal. I chatted with Carlos in the parking lot and caught up on the family business that I missed over the past year. Things were going well, but Carlos is preparing to move to Buffalo in February and then move his wife and children over during summer. Unlike me, this bastard loves the cold weather in Buffalo. Besides that, he feels his children will have better educational opportunities and he and his wife will be able to find better employment since they haven't been able to work much in the past year.

We started our afternoon at the tiny country house with a tour of the backyard courtesy of Erica. She showed us the various mango, banana, avocado and coffee plants growing all over the property. Then we sat and chatted about the children and the possible move. She had a little reservation because of the cold, but agreed that the opportunities would be better for them there. She also said she would miss the house and quiet environment that they enjoyed here on the island. Quiet indeed, they were parked on a very steep road that lead down a valley that was very beautiful and sparsely populated. I could see why she didn't want to leave. Besides, tranquility and beauty is the perfect setting for visitors from space. You never see aliens landing in old industrial centers in the movies; it is always the quiet country road with lots of open land where our universal brethren do their dirty work!

Carlos called us into the kitchen for a fantastic home cooked meal. He is one of my personal favorite cooks and he always makes a point to have us for a dinner when we are here. My mouth salivated over the delicious fair which included his personal style of rice and beans made with pumpkin flesh, potatoes and sauce, chuletas (seasoned pork chops), tostones, and fresh avocado from the property. Silence endured in the kitchen while the four of us delighted in the gastronomic treasures. I told him that I couldn't wait to have him cook in my kitchen! He makes miracle meals with no space and tiny appliances, he will go crazy when he sees my big modern kitchen with all the latest in cooking technology!

After the meal, the children arrived at home and they scooped my full attention up for at least an hour of basketball, simon says, and photo play with my camera. As the evening fell, Carlos and Erica began to be-spell upon us stories of the unknown that they have witnessed over the past year while living in the valley. I had heard the UFO story before where the whole family had been over and were watching for 20 minutes while the craft hovered over the valley. Many photos were taken with both digital and regular film cameras, but none turned out. Everyone could describe the shape, colors, and even the windows on the craft individually. Carlos even joked that one of the aliens was flipping him off through the window. I kept saying, "Where are the aliens Carlos?" with a snide sense of sarcasm. He kept saying, "Maybe later at night when you aren't here. They usually come later and it isn't every night."

Darkness comes quickly in the tropics due to the angle of the Earth to the Sun and when the latter sets, it only takes 15 minutes or so to experience the lack of light. I kept joking, but was beginning to feel an air of excitement amongst my companions. By this time Gladys and Rosie had shown up with a few others for dinner and a chat. All of them had been present for the UFO experience at least once.

I made my way out to the road to get a good view of the valley and the night sky. Carlos joined. He was pointing to the spots in the sky that they last saw something unusual when out of nowhere there was a large flash of light in the opposite direction. "Look!!!" he yelled to the rest of the gang. About 15 seconds later it did it again but in a different spot in the sky. It repeated this brilliant light explosion maybe 4 more times then disappeared completely. Gone. Done. Nada. I'm no astronomer, but I have a slight fascination with the heavens and have spent many a night under a blanket of stars. I've seen all manner of planes, satellites, shooting stars, pulsars, comets and the like and I have never seen anything like this. Everyone else agreed that it was nothing they had ever seen.

Suddenly Carlos burst out, "LOOOOOKKKK!!!!! Over there!!!" Almost in a full court panic, we all shifted to see the brilliant disc on the horizon. It was stationary and spinning very quickly with a brilliant yellow light like none I've ever seen before. Carlos got his binoculars so we could take a closer look. Again, this was unlike anything I have ever seen, but it was different from the flashing light we had seen a few minutes before. I couldn't make out windows or anything that resembled the classic UFO appearance, but it was most certainly something very powerful and spinning very quickly. It was mostly in the same spot in the sky, but would occasionally move very erratically. Then, it shot up into space and disappeared. Amazing. I was breathless. If this is the work of military or something human, we are in for a technological treat.

I hope that you are all prepared for the amazing, the unknown, and the surreal forces of the universe!

Have a great night.


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