Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just felt like it....

I really feel like writing today. I was searching my brain for something interesting to talk about and all I could come up with was old travel stories. There are some good ones in that old brain of mine that I need to put down someday, but today is not that day. I don't want to force I'm just going to write about anything I think of right now... ok, so the first thing on my mind is my roommate situation. My brother, who has been living with me for about a year, is moving down the street with his girlfriend. When I say moving down the street, I really mean 5 houses away, on my street. No I didn't kick him out!!! I know what you were all thinking. I love my brother very much and he would be welcome to live with me anytime. He's actually a great roommate. The reason he's moving out is because his girlfriend is pregnant and they are going to start a family together. She has a few big dogs and could only find an apartment on the East Side of the city in a pretty rough neighborhood, so Ben was able to work a deal out to rent the house in the middle of the street. The previous tenants had big dogs. I should know, because they almost ate me alive one winter morning two years ago. I popped on my iPod and winter garb for a brisk walk in the snow that fine morning. It was probably February. I made it about thirty steps out of my home and into the street when these three giant dogs surrounded me and started attacking me. I'm not afraid of dogs, but they were clearly on a mission to kill something that morning. Managing to keep my urine and excrement inside my body, I used my big winter boots as weapons while screaming for my cousin Tom. "Tom!!!! Tooommmmm!!!! They're trying to kill me!!! Grab a bat or something!!!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs as the dogs tried to lunge me from all sides. Fuck. After a few minutes, their owners came out of the house that my brother is going to rent and called them off. My heart was pounding. Tom was busy inside loading a shotgun. That could have ended poorly. I hope my brother's girlfriend's dogs are friendly, because I don't have Tom to yell to anymore. I suppose I could yell to Rachael, who is going to be replacing Ben as my roommate, but she doesn't have a gun. Rachael will kick some ass if provoked, and she doesn't take shit from people but I don't know her animal taming skills yet. She is an amazing baker. I think she may come over today and start moving some of her stuff in. I suggested we bake some bread. I have the ultimate kitchen, she has the ultimate baking gear and skills. Could be dangerous for my waistline.

Ben is home now. I think he's cooking....well it sounds like he's chopping vegetables up. He just turned on the hood above the burners. I am using auditory deduction right now to assume he is cooking. I will confirm this with olfactory stimulation as soon as the aromas make their way upstairs to my room. I'm lying on my belly in my bed typing this. This is usually where I write, though it's clearly not ergonomically correct. I will have to stretch out pretty good once I finish this post. Then I'll go eat some of whatever ben is cooking... if he makes enough.

I wanted to go snowboarding this weekend, but the weather is really cold for the next few days. It hurts to breathe outside. I haven't minded being home most of this winter, because I've been working on a bunch of projects and spending my free time snowboarding, otherwise I'd much rather be in Puerto Rico or Hawaii with my warm weather friends! I think I will skip the slopes this weekend. I don't mind the teens or twenties in Fahrenheit, but it has been single digit and negative temperatures the past few days. Brrrr.... What are you guys up to? Anything fun? Sick of me rambling yet? ha ha. I'm going to go downstairs and sample my brother's cooking. Coffee would be good too...... Hit me up! Jeremy

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