Monday, December 20, 2010

Important People.... A poem

Important people dash off to exciting parties
They "how do you do? - and- "did you hear about so and so?"
Talking AT eachother, calculating... always calculating.
Response is everything you know.... Image as well.

Important people make the best decisions.
You know... the ones all the other important people made ahead of them.
This house is the right purchase.....this vehicle shows our buying power.
They must build equity.... Weath as well.

We see important people on television each day
They laugh at so and so for her choice in sexual partners
They always care about who is fucking who... it makes the news.
The news is important.... Fucking as well.

Important people have to fuck like the rest of us, they mostly fuck each other
Fucking important partners guarantees they will make more important little people.
You know... the ones they cart off to soccer and practice and the mall on Saturday
The mall is important.... Practice as well.

I never was an important person though I did visit their world for a while
I got pretty bored, pretty fast.
Important people are boring, mostly because they all act the same.
Being the same is not important to me... and I hate being bored as well.

I wonder if they even realize the treadmill they run upon
These important people have so much paperwork and things to do.
I always hated paperwork... especially in their world.
I do enjoy fucking however..... Fucking is important... even to the unimportant.

The End.

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