Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot Springs... Wyoming.... Hot and Cool!

I am sitting on the front porch of the office of the Fountain of Youth RV park in Thermopolis, Wyoming. I am being bit by little red ants and black bugs that look like aliens.... but I am getting a strong enough signal to write my blog, so I'm being a dutiful little dispenser of all things crazy, lucky, and life so that you may enjoy a cup of coffee and laugh at my stupid arse while I travel the roads of America! Here goes...

Wyoming... Awesome! Miles and miles of ranch land, flanked by big barren mountains, rivers that have carved out massive canyons, hot springs, dinosaur bones, wild life, history... and a sing a long church that you can sit in the hot spring at with your bathing suit on. Indeed this place has been interesting and a whole lot of fun. We have made so many friends everywhere we have gone and the Buffalo connection is running deep here too. Imagine 95 degree days that are hot and dry with a nice wind blowing through your hair and then 40 degree nights where you have to bundle up under big blankets and clothes.

We have ridden through tunnels and canyons that would make your mouth drop. When mom is at the wheel it is downright frightening since she spends more time looking at the scenery than the road. We found a beautiful beach at Boysen State Park and swam in water so cold it could cool a bonfire. We have had some excellent meals, some great sunny days and fun, fun, fun.

Today I rode my bike over the mountain next to RV park and into town. It was like the Tour De France. I was sweating and grunting and loving every minute of it. I met my mom and John at Star Plunge in the Hot Springs State Park for a long afternoon of swimming in hot pools, steaming in a Volcanic Cave, and jumping off of a high dive platform. I think I have heat exhaustion... I will post pics later. My neighbor June would loooooooove this place! It's HOT June... HOT HOT HOT!

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