Friday, July 23, 2010

Great Pictures... funny words!

I have a big ass coffee.... a belly full of Pad Thai... some Willie Nelson strumming on the coffee house speakers and my silent farts smell so bad they are offending people all around me. I keep looking around with everyone and making the face like I can't believe somebody is doing that. I met a guy last night who is riding his bike down the continental divide from Canada to deep into Mexico and Central America. He's 75 years old and just started riding bikes at 71. It gave me an acute awareness of myself as being almost 31, and not so adventurous after all. I also have new knowledge of a woman who was gored by a bison in Yellowstone yesterday. I love when people get killed or hurt by animals! I know it is sick, but I you should see all of the idiots in yellowstone that park their cars in the middle of the road and rush after wildlife to take pictures. I'm told this woman provoked the buffalo by throwing something at it, which is even better as I replay the bison revenge in my mind. Haven't we done enough you dumb human fuckers! We have practically raped the whole planet of any wildlife as it is, now we chase after them with our Nikon's and wonder why they maul us! GOOOOO ANIMALS!!! Stay in your Lexus SUV with your Louis Vitton bag, take your picture and head back to Looooong Island. Anyway.... here's some pictures of me getting too close to animals and some other fantastic shots of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons... Enjoy.

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