Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great friends, dinner and such....

The past few days have been amazing! Today, sadly, we dropped Aunt Rosie at the airport for her return trip home. She went away kicking and screaming. Seems the magic of the rain forest and the island have gotten to her too! We picked up Sam and Alwin from the airport two days ago and have had a blast with them. They couch surfed with me 5 months ago when they were in the early stages of their trip through the Americas. Instant friends, they have returned to bless me with their company in the forest. We are laughing, joking, and talking so much that the time is just flying by. Great friendships are like that. You can spend so much time with somebody, and feel like there is so much more to know and learn. It is so much fun!

We explored the Arecibo Observatory yesterday, home of the world's largest radio telescope. I loved meandering through the visitor center which was full of great exhibits and info about astronomy, technology, and nature. The birth and death of stars, trips through the universe, and facts about our planetary brethren engaged my imagination as I made my way around. The telescope itself was amazing as well, but I wasn't allowed to play with it so it didn't hold my interest as long. I'm joking of course, and I was fortunate to be outside when they were repositioning the telescope above the giant reflector dish that sends the radio waves out into space. So much to see there and I would recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in science.

After that, we stopped at the laundromat again and introduced Sam and Alwin to our beloved Vanessa! We washed and spoke with much fervor and happiness as our lovely host buzzed around the place making sure all was well in the world of laundry! Clothes sufficiently washed and dried, we cruised our way back to the house for a dinner that was a royal feast by all standards earthly and non.

Sam commented immediately on the "perfect" table setting, all things in order and the table flanked in gold and blue draperies. Lucy and Marian had set the mood for a perfect evening. Spanish guitar playing in the background, we were treated to a host of scrumptious delights including bacalaito ( a fish and tostone mixture flattened and fried), smoked salmon and capers, pumpkin soup, brie and crackers, our main course of Chateau Briand (which was to die for) with asparagus and rice and beans, then the final display of banana flambeau. All food items washed down pleasantly with a Spanish red wine that was delicious and complimentary to all of the food. The presentation was perfect, the food was more than perfect, and the setting serene. It was like a dinner in heaven. We munched amazing foods atop the rainforest in grand splendor, listening to the frogs sing and watching the city far off in the distance.

A finer dining experience cannot be had. We thanked the chef's and all of the help, and spent the next hour talking with everyone at the main house. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day! Life is so good here. Hope you are well and enjoying yourself no matter what the circumstances!

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